Headlight & taillight tinting in Cincinnati , OH

Tint Zone are Cincinnati ‘s Headlight & Taillight tinting specialist’s, installing only the best headlight and taillight film on the market.

Headlight & taillight tinting with Tint Zone

Tint Zone are the Headlight / Taillight Tinting experts in the Cincinnati area, we provide quality products installed by certified installers! Our headlight and taillight tinting will help fully transform your vehicle with a very cost effective film.

Choosing a quality headlight / taillight tint is essential to the finished product! We only use the very best films in the market which makes us Cincinnati ‘s #1 headlight / taillight tinters!

Dark SMOKE 95 %

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Ultimate clarity when braking

The headlight & taillight tints we use here at Tint Zone is manufactured with safety in mind! Many other tints may visibly look nice, but they do not visibly show the brake light when the car is braking which can be a safety concern. 

The films we use here at Tint Zone are engineered to clearly show the break lights through the films. Have a look at our example image to see the difference with the brake lights on and off.

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Headlight & Taillight tinting gallery

Headlight and Taillight tints are a quick and cost-effective way of dramatically improving the style of any vehicle. Take a look at some examples of headlight and taillights tinted below.

Tint Zone headlight & taillight tinting FAQ

Here at Tint Zone we pride ourself in not only our headlight and taillight tinting abilities, but our customer relationships as well! We have compiled some FAQ’s that we get from our valued Cincinnati customers.

This can depend on the actual vehicle itself, here at Tint Zone we pride ourself in quality so will always favor quality over time. Call our Cincinnati number to to find out a time frame for your car.
Yes, here at Tint Zone we do NOT opt for cheap vinyls, we only use quality tints so your brakes can easily be seen on the Cincinnati roads.
This is a very open ended question as it can depend on many factors. Like the primary use for vehicle or the shades of tint you choose and if you are going to be driving the vehicle in Ohio or another state.
No, the films we use here at Tint Zone is of very high quality and will not damage your cars headlights or taillights.

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