Headlight restoration in Cincinnati , OH

Get your headlight’s looking like new with Tint Zone. Our state-of-the-art headlight polishing material and techniques makes us the leaders in the Cincinnati area.

Restore your headlights with Tint Zone

The harsh Cincinnati weather can affect our headlights, whether that’s the UV or simply the tar and grit picked up when driving. 

Here at Tint Zone our new advanced headlight restoration process can help take your headlights back to a near factory finish which will rejuvenate the look of your entire vehicle and while saving you the cost of having to replace your headlights which is usually upwards of $600-$1000 a pair!

The experts in headlight resotration in Cincinnati

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SAFER DRIVING with restored headlights

Did you know that a discolored headlight is considered extremely unsafe due to the fact that the light emitting from the headlight can be reduced by up to 80%. Tint Zone can bring them back to life and we can apply a protective coating to prolong them for future driving on the Cincinnati roads.

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Up to 2.5x better light transmissions vs weathered light with Tint Zone

Every headlight that gets exposed to the Cincinnati weather will begin to deteriorate at some stage. This is where Headlight restoration by Tint Zone comes into play. Getting your headlights restored back to factory can actually make your vehicle far safer allowing for in some cases up to 2.5x better light transmission, meaning other drivers can see you easier, and you can see clearer when driving on the Cincinnati roads.

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Our advanced methods will bring your lights to life

For years California car owners have had to spend thousands on new headlights! But with Tint Zone new advanced headlight restoration methods we can bring your lights back to life and give it added future protection against weathering.

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Tint Zone Headlight restoration FAQ

Here at Tint Zone we pride ourself in not only our headlight restoration service, but also in our customer relationships as well! We have compiled some FAQ’s that we get from our valued Cincinnati customers.

Headlight restoration is a service we offer here at Tint Zone which restores old warn out faulty headlights back to new.
There are many different methods Cincinnati companies use to restore headlights. The methods we use here at Tint Zone is the industry standard choice. We do not take any shortcuts regardless of the job. Here at Tint Zone we use a multi-step process where we slowly remove micro layers to ensure that the headlights get the best possible finish.
We can not guarantee the finish until we see the headlight / begin to restore it, sometimes, headlights can be so badly damaged that they can not be 100% repaired. Once we see your headlight we can give you a good idea on how it will look.
Headlamp restoration will not last forever due to the harsh conditions on the Cincinnati roads. But, if done professional with the right methods like the ones we use here at Tint Zone it can last up to 5 years.

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