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Bring your car back to life with Tint Zone. Our automotive detailing service in Cincinnati is considered to be the best.

The masters in automotive detailing

When it comes to vehicle detailing, Tint Zone stay up to date with all the newest technologies that come on the market, this is why we are the go to choice for many top vehicle manufactured vehicles.

Every car that is worked on by Tint Zone is treated with the same love and care as our own personal vehicles and we have a strict and rigorous quality control system that every car goes through to insure we stay the number one vehicle detailers in Cincinnati .

Paint correction
Exterior detailing
Interior detailing
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The masters in paint correction in Cincinnati

Our team here at Tint Zone are elite in the area of paint correction! Our expert assessment teams first task is to detect the area of attention and determine the likely hood that a full paint correction will be successful… and in most cases we can not only repair it, but make it look as good as when it first left the showroom!





Detailing services offered at Tint Zone, Cincinnati

The masters of paint correction and vehicle detailing in Ohio

Paint correction

It is hard for a car to maintain it's finish on the Cincinnati roads. The paint correction offered here at Tint Zone can make your car look like new.

Exterior detailing

With Tint Zone you can schedule a one off, or a continuous maintenance wash with out team where we can regularly give your car an exterior wash by hand.

Interior detailing

Our extensive specialist equipment helps make the interior cleaning service offered here at Tint Zone feel like you’re getting in a brand new vehicle! We can give one off interior details or regular detailing.

An example quote for detailing prices offered in USA by TintBusiness
An example quote for detailing offered in USA by TintBusiness
An example quote for detailing prices offered in USA by TintBusiness

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Automotive detailing projects

Take a look at some of these quality detailing projects that contain images of paint correction and exterior/interior detailing. 

Tint Zone car detailing FAQ

Here at Tint Zone we pride ourself in not only our car detailing abilities, but our customer relationships as well! We have compiled some FAQ’s that we get from our valued Cincinnati customers.

Car detailing is the cleaning of the inside and outside of a vehicle with extreme detail. There are different levels of detailing that we offer here at Tint Zone. We recommend contacting our team to discuss the needs for your vehicle and the level of detailing you require.
Typically during a detailing appointment with Tint Zone, the interior and exterior of the car are inspected by our expert. The interior may include vacuuming carpets and upholstery, wiping down any of the surfaces such as the dashboard and door trims, scrubbing away any potential stains – such as spills, dirt, or even pet hair – from seats, removing the dash mats (if applicable) and in some extreme cases removing the seats all together to get the best possible finish. Exterior detailing work offered by Tint Zone may include a clay bar treatment, a thorough hand car wash with a two-bucket method, cleaning any wheel wells or engine bays, waxing or polishing metal parts such as bumpers and side mirrors, applying a sealant to the paint, and applying tire dressing to ensure longevity when driving on the Cincinnati roads.
Paint correction is the process of permanently removing the surface scratches, swirl marks, hazing, marring, and other imperfections in your vehicle’s paint that may of been caused in the Ohio environment. It’s a powerful way Tint Zone can bring the color in your vehicle back to its original shine!
This can of course massively depend on the project at hand, sometimes it can take a few hours, sometimes it can take a few day, but we give our customers a time frame when quoting so we recommend calling us at Tint Zone, Cincinnati today to find out the time frame for your project.

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